Documentary Photography – Planning Project

To develop a successful documentary project I decided to develop a plan that I would follow as a guideline throughout my project. The information below is the plan I had developed for my project.

Throughout my photoshoot’s I want to document all sections that happens throughout their events such as; any preparations they might do, the different training techniques they have, a variety of stunts, the ram sessions they have and the free running group in Devon called Parkour Experiences.

The plan of action which I came up with and wanted to keep an eye out for throughout the events was as followed;

(1)     Preparations:

  1. Tying up their shoe laces
  2. Warming up

(2)  Training:

  1. Learning new stunts and jumps
  2. Muscle Training

(3)  Stunts:

  1. Running up the wall
  2. Jumping across the wall
  3. Handstands
  4. Flips

(4)  RAM sessions:

  1. Group jumping

(5)  Parkour Experiences:

  1. Group picture

If I was able to capture these photos it will help tell a story about free runners and what happens when they meet up with others and practice the sport on their own. People always misunderstand free running and not many know what it is about, so these photos can help explain their story and get across what free running is and involves.